Abhishek Jha

We are part of an start-up ecosystem that is growing exponentially and is poised to become among the largest in the world. For this continuous growth, India’s budding start-ups need structural and fundamental support to attain their highest potential. WaterBridge is committed to provide that continuous support to our start-up ecosystem and in this process creating an impact that matters

Also, as first stage investors, we have the opportunity to lay down best social and corporate governance measures in the start-up companies whey they are still in the phase of ideation and product development. This will further help these companies to become ideal future leaders and avoid any thorny issues in the future

At WaterBridge, I get to work with passionate next-gen visionaries and get to play my role in the success story of our developing nation

I primarily focus on fund related finance and compliance matters and also provide support to the team in management of fund portfolio companies

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