Aishwarya Sriram

I believe in sustainability. Whether it is in the disruptive business models that I evaluate at work or in the type of weight-loss diet that I choose to follow – ideas & approaches need to be based on a foundation that works well today and better tomorrow

An entrepreneur brings a solution to address a particular demand – sometimes we may not be even aware of the demand until we are staring at the solution. That is what sets him/her apart from the rest of us – the ability to foresee a demand and work on building a creative and successful (sometimes, unsuccessful) solution. The excitement of working with such trailblazers on a daily basis is what brings me to work every morning

Our generation has been a front-row witness to the way technology has transformed the way we live over the last 30-40 years. Today, everyone – from my 3-year-old daughter to my 80-year-old grandmother – is a user of technology in its different forms. I firmly believe that technology is the linchpin for creating out-of-the-box, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to address the needs of tomorrow – be it in healthcare, retail, education or human capital management

Previous Affiliations
Veda Corporate Advisors

CFA Institute, USA
Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
Delhi College of Engineering