Naman Kejriwal

I think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for entrepreneurs in India to shape the user journey as technology becomes ubiquitous and accessible to the next billion users. Now is India’s time to build enduring, impactful, companies solving meaningful problems with the world being the playground!

I want to spend every waking hour working with people who feel the same. Driven by the desire to work directly with disruptive technology companies, I feel energized to be able to partner with founders having unquenchable ambition and be a part of their rollercoaster ride filled with tremendous personal sacrifices and surmounting challenges.

What attracts me more to this is the intellectual stimulation. In simple words: A VC gets a sneak peek at what’s coming and what the world is going to be like. Thus, it becomes extremely crucial for a VC to be humble, open-minded, and keep abreast of the latest developments. I love to come to work with a learning mindset; this enables me to have feet on the ground and be on a continuous learning journey.

Previous Affiliations
Amicus Capital Partners
o3 Capital Global Advisory
Solidarity Advisors

CFA Institute