Ravi Kaushik
Venture Partner

What I look for in a founder is a combination of things such as hunger, opportunity cost, knowledge of the market (unfair advantage), ability to attract high quality people, ability to clearly articulate the vision, willingness to do the hard work and execute, and emotional maturity to last the distance.

I always view technology as an enabler in helping the company to scale, create IP or reduce costs. I try and marry technology with the market opportunity and derive its relevance, not just for today but for the foreseeable future.

I think value add is often misconstrued. It does not mean I tell the entrepreneur what to do simply because I don’t have all the answers. It means that I work with the founders, through their ups and downs, be available and try and bring in institutional frameworks as the company scales

I most worry about missing the next big thing, the next big opportunity that I failed to see

Best part of what I do is to meet some of the smartest people, get exposed to some of the best technologies, and work with folks from whom I can learn something new every day!

Best advice ever received “always chase perfection, not money”. When you become really good at what you do, money will flow in from all directions

I am inherently excited by India’s consumer opportunity, any product that solves a problem or makes life better, ideally anything that passes the tooth brush test

Current Investments

Previous Affiliations
Aquarius Equity

Thunderbird (Arizona State)