Sarbvir Singh
Managing Partner

Entrepreneur is the hero. Rest of us are just the supporting cast
As an investor, for any business, I focus on the upside. Downside is known, it is zero

WaterBridge is a startup too. We are a bunch of diverse founders who are united by the goal of building a founders first early stage VC institution. The big VC’s are too busy and so are the angels!

A founder’s position is often very lonely and it is tough to get constructive feedback. I aim to be a person whom founders feel comfortable calling to talk about anything. Also, hear unbiased feedback whether they like it or not!

Entrepreneurs come in many packages but all successful ones can sell. It is all about selling – to yourself, to your family, to your co-founders, to your team, to vendors, to customers and to investors!

Consistency is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Do what it takes. Consistency can follow. If you haven’t already, read Do Things That Don’t Scale – my all-time favorite Paul Graham essay

I have strong opinions and call it like I see it. I am flexible to reason though but better bring facts and loads of conviction

Current Investments

Previous Affiliations
J.P. Morgan
Capital 18 (Network 18)
Hercules Capital
Emerson Electric

IIM Ahmedabad
IIT Delhi