Many can give you money, but only WaterBridge will help you think big, and will roll up their sleeves to actually help you get  there. If you are a Series A or Seed stage startup, we would strongly recommend you to take WaterBridge over anyone else including all the big names
Mohit Dubey, Vinayak Bhavnani, Nikhil Aggarwal - Chalo
WaterBridge understands the nuances of building a business in India and hence are able to empathize with their founder partners
Kshitij Puri - ZipLoan
From the get-go, WaterBridge respected our time, moved quickly and began to add value before they even made an investment
Prukalpa Sankar, Varun Banka - Atlan
WaterBridge has been a source of sage advice and constant support for us - a true partner in building magicpin
Anshoo Sharma, Brij Bhushan magicpin
In WaterBridge, we have found a cofounder for Bijnis. With an eye on growth and margins, they are perfect partners for entrepreneurs building sustainable businesses
Siddarth Vij, Chaitanya Rathi, Siddharth Rastogi, Shubham Agrawal - Bijnis
WaterBridge has passion for solving big problems, respect for entrepreneurs, and deep empathy for the process of company building. We would recommend them to any 1st time entrepreneur
Tanushree Nagori, Aditya Shankar - DoubtNut
WaterBridge has true global experience and a rich perspective which has been invaluable in our company-building journey
Raj Gulia, Abhinav Gupta, Harj Samra - PocketPills
Value added, supportive, creative, practical, thinking big. We love WaterBridge!
Sudhir Kamath, Pratik Kumar, Abhinav Nigam, Rishab Mathur - 9stacks
It is rare to have investors who truly understand the value our business can deliver to customers. We have significantly benefited from this partnership because WaterBridge has been that kind of investor
Karthik Bettadapura, Vikranth Ramanolla - Dataweave
WaterBridge has a founders first approach. They are great partners with diverse and relevant experience to help companies at every stage go the next level
Shreyans Mehta, Nikhil Baheti, Saida Dhanavath - MedCords